Debit Card Complaint Online

Do you have issue with your debit card that is not being solved by your bank ?
We are here here to help you with your debit card complaints

Debit card Misused

Has your card been used without your consent ? Don't worry, your money is safe and will be returned to you if you follow some steps carefully & report the transactions correctly to your bank.

Double Charged ?

Do you have more than 1 charge for the same transaction you did at merchant ? This is called duplicate/double charge & can be reversed easily. Kindly follow the steps outlined carefully to get your funds back.

Failed Payment ?

If your payment failed while making a payment & you still have a charge for this on your bank statement, then these types of transactions can be reversed easily by contacting the bank in prescribed format. We have prepared a checklist for you so that your refund comes ASAP.

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